For the past several months when she’s off the set of the hit TV Series “Army Wives”, Grammy award winning recording artist Ashanti has been calling Charleston Sound her new home away from home. Together with Ashanti and her west coast chart-topping producers L.T. Hutton and Mansur Zafr, chief engineer Jeff Hodges and his team have had the pleasure of working with music industry royalty. As one of the most successful female artists over the last decade, Ashanti holds a world-record for fastest selling debut album – and her new record is sure to set the charts on fire when it’s released later this year.

Among other new songs she’s working on with the team at Charleston Sound, she’s just released a new single entitled “Never Should Have” off of the upcoming CD that was engineered with Jeff Hodges and Joey Cox. “I’d have to say that she’s easily one of the most talented singers I’ve worked with, says Hodges. “She writes all her own music and vocal arrangements, does her own backup vocals, and more importantly, she absolutely nails them in the studio. There are very few re-takes needed because her voice and harmonies are so dialed in. And no auto-tuning – she calls that tuna fish”, Jeff chuckled.

Stay tuned for more on Ashanti and her upcoming CD release. Check her out on “Army Wives” new season, and grab the hot new single “Never Should Have” recorded at Charleston Sound.

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