FAQ | Charleston Sound

What type of clients do you work with?

We work with producers, engineers, musicians, record labels, sound companies, video companies, advertising agencies and broadcast/film corporations.  But our capabilities cover anything audio, such as voice overs, audio books, ADR, radio spots, and remote recording.

What are your rates?

We have hourly, day, and volume rates available.
Prices are application specific.  Please contact us for an estimate.
An engineer or intern is provided with every session.
Multi-day lockouts are available at special rates.
Corporate accounts and freelance producer/engineers welcome.
Full album production & duplication services at available at fixed rates.  Contact us for details.

How do I book the studio?

Easy. Follow this link.

I need a full CD production. How does it work?

First, we’ll talk to you about your goals, time frames and budget for the project.  From there we’ll derive a schedule to streamline the process of achieving your objective.  This will include a pre-production meeting, recording & tracking time, overdub tracking, mixing and possibly mastering.

I need sound to video mixing / ADR / sound effect’s etc. Can you handle that?

Yes.  We run the latest versions of Pro Tools HD Accel, various video editing suites, and have video feed to every recording space in the building.  We can sync to your picture and record and mix to the medium of your choice, including 5.1 surround sound.

I need a voice over / dialog recording studio

This is the studio on the coast with the most.  We have five recording spaces to meet the room sound you want.  Our microphone closet includes all the popular VO mics.  We have racks filled with classic and modern compressors and equalizers, plus reverbs and effects.  We can get the sound you want.

I have a 25 person church choir I need to record!

Well you are in luck.  Charleston Sound features a large live recording studio that is 25 feet wide, 24 feet deep and 18 feet high.  We also have a Hammond C3 with leslie and a Yamaha C6 Grand Piano.  So bring on the praise!