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Sol Driven Train CD Release Concert!

This Friday, February 22 2013, Sol Driven Train will be dropping their new studio album “Underdog” with a CD release celebration concert at The Charleston Music Hall in downtown Charleston, SC.
“Underdog” was recorded and mixed at Charleston Sound and produced by the band and Charleston Sound chief engineer and producer Jeff Hodges. The album showcases the band with a wide variety of genres and sounds, a style which the band calls “Low Country Roots Rock”.

Deftly swinging from Caribbean-spiced jams, rootsy blues, funky rhythms and power-packed horn sections, the album is sure to appeal to a wide variety of listeners. “There’s something here for blues fans, something for rock fans, something for bluegrass fans… and nothing that would offend or turn off any of those groups. There’s a comfortable ease to Underdog that makes it the best album Sol Driven Train has ever released.” says Cosmic Vibes Live web-zine.

“Jeff was very observant of the dynamic within the band,” says singer/guitarist Joel Timmons. “We came in there with our tight arrangements and parts, and he was good about not trying to step into a process that was already 99 percent there, you know? It was in the mixing process where he really helped the most. Great ideas.” *

Bassist Rusty Cole agrees with his bandmate that a stronger sense of mutual support has developed with in the group. “We were stoked about the songs, the sounds we were getting in the studio, and the freedom Jeff let us have,” Cole says. “Jeff knew what were looking for, so if something came up that we weren’t feeling. we’d move on with no problem.” *

This will be a concert you won’t want to miss, by Charleston’s Finest- Sol Driven Train. You can pick up tickets for the event while they last at

*(excerpt from interview)

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